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Expand Your Marketing Reach

Three Ways Photo Booth Photos Can Expand Your Marketing Reach

A photo booth seems like a simple business model, but with just a few tweaks you can be expanding your marketing footprint both online and through word-of-mouth. These photo booth marketing tactics collectively have the effect of helping your business name get seen more often and by more people.

All of these suggestions have to do with making the most of the photos you create. No matter how simple you want your photo booth to be, the last thing you want to do is simply print out a strip of photos for your customers and have them walk away with it. Instead, you should take steps to maximize your digital presence with creative tactics, like co-branded photo booth backgrounds.

Here are some ways to get started:

Make Sure Your Photos Can Be Shared Easily Online

We already wrote in detail about the photo booth social media marketing techniques you can use to help your customers spread your name. But just to reiterate, it is an effective way to get more bookings.

The simplest method you can use is to upload a roll of photo booth photos onto your company Facebook page and other social media profiles after an event. By including the photos along with your brand watermark or logo, you can encourage people to tag themselves and share, all increasing the number of people who see your brand.

The photos also serve as a “proof of concept” to anyone considering your services. So, whether you use an advanced solution that allows people to upload their photos live at the event or simply upload them yourself all at once afterwards, make sure people can access a digital copy somehow.

Offer People Incentives to Use Their Photo in Marketing Materials

Stock photos are an awful choice for your website and other marketing materials, especially if you are a photographer who wants to represent their own work visibly. Instead, you can use photos of your actual clients in a carousel on your main web page as well as in header images or graphics peppered throughout the site. There’s nothing better than to show previous clients smiling wide!

You will likely need the subject’s permission to use their likeness as a marketing tool, but this request can actually become a marketing tool unto itself. After your events, choose one or two of the best photos to use on a continually updated part of your site, like a homepage carousel or a “wall of fame” page. Announce these photos on your web page and request permission from the subjects to use their likeness.

Tell them that if they accept, they can get a coupon for discounted prints, a few dollars off booking your photo booth or another low-cost promotional incentive. You can even advertise this arrangement during events to get people excited and checking your social media pages to see if they “won.”

Overall, this strategy increases engagement on your branded pages while making use of promotions that can encourage people to buy your products or services.

Offer Discounts When People Use Your Branding in Photo Booth Backgrounds

A great way to make upsales while incentivizing free marketing for your business is to use a generic branded background as your standard option and to offer other high-quality photo booth backdrops at an added cost. For businesses looking to use your photo booth company at an event, you can offer to print out a custom branded backdrop before the event at a discounted price as long as they let you use your logo, too.

By bargaining and giving people a financial incentive to let you show off your business logo, you increase the odds that every photo booth photo will be helping you advertise your business at no added cost.

If you are interested in finding fun items that can help make your photos better and enhance the appeal of your online marketing overall, take a look at the photo booth props and backgrounds we have currently on clearance.

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