Pillow Case Tension Fabric Stands & Designs

We offer very durable backdrops printed on heavy fabric. They are are lightweight and very easy to store and transport. The look is clean and will transform any set up into a well polished professional looking one that will surely get your business noticed. We can customize them to fit many other sizes. Contact us with your exact stand’s measurements to arrange. Just let us know how big or small. We’ll do it!

The graphics on our tension fabric backdrops are dye-sublimated using advanced printing technology. The color is rich and vibrant and will not fade. Plus! You can wash them like you do your clothe. Just use cold water!

Assembly of the PropTrunk.com tension fabric backdrop frame is snap! Just connect the lightweight (yet extremely durable) aluminium tubes using the number coded system (match each tube’s number) and snap it in the button. Then, once the stand is set, place the tension fabric just like you would do your pillow cases, starting from the top. For the true tension look, just zip the bottom zipper together. DONE!

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