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10 Best Apps for Photo Booth Owners

Market Better With These 10 Best Apps for Photo Booth Owners Owning a photo booth typically means being a one-person army, but you can make managing everything easier with the use of helpful apps for photo booth owners. With the right apps installed on your phone, you can automate repetitive marketing tasks, keep tabs on […]

Cornerstone of Your Business

Why Photo Booth Props and Backdrops Are the Cornerstone of Your Business Make no mistake: high quality photo booth props, backdrops and accessories are your photo booth business. Without them, you would cease to exist. That statement may sound like an exaggeration, but consider this: anyone can take a picture using a cell phone these […]

Secret Sauce to Photo Booth Marketing

Synergy Is the Secret Sauce to Photo Booth Marketing “Selling out” can drive photo booth marketing success. By featuring a brand or nonprofit’s logo as part of your booth, you encourage companies to book you to enhance their own promotional capabilities. It can take many photo booth operators years to realize the benefit in sharing […]

Paid Search Ads

Using Paid Search Ads to Book More Photo Booth Sessions Thanks to their appealing, locally focused and super-niche business model, photo booth owners have opportunities for amazing returns on paid search ads and other forms of search engine marketing. For instance, unless you have to live in a highly populated area like New York City, […]

Paid Social Media

Making the Most of Paid Social Media to Gain New Photo Booth Customers In the business world, social media’s reputation has quickly gone from “something that can tank employee productivity” to “something that can bring in a boatload of customers.” For photo booth owners, social media advertising can be a potent tool for generating business. […]

SEO Strategies for Photo Booth Owners

Make no mistake: a huge portion of your business as a photo booth owner will come from search engine traffic. 48 percent of mobile users start their researching businesses through a search engine, and 50 percent of people searching for local businesses end up at a business location within the next 24 hours. Therefore, if […]

Local Marketing Ideas

Local Marketing Ideas for Photo Booth Businesses Photo booths are an entrenched part of their local community, and their business owner’s approach to digital marketing should reflect this. Focusing on local marketing tactics can quickly grow your reputation — both online and person-to-person — while enhancing your visibility to the community as a whole. Best […]

Digital Marketing Channels

Effective Digital Marketing Channels for Photo Booths The internet is a paradise of lead generation for photo booth businesses. Between search engine traffic, social media engagement, business rating sites and specialty sites for things like wedding vendors, photo booth owners have more options at their disposal than ever before. Even the oldest form of advertising, […]

Website Design for Your Customers

Start with Website Design That Thinks Like a Customer At this point, you should already have a business plan, a name, a logo, equipment and a few ideas about what your “brand” represents — i.e. what makes you different from the competition. You may even have a few marketing slogans written down, which is great! […]