Non-Woven Safety Mask (50 pack)
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Non-Woven Safety Mask (50 pack)


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  • Pack of 50 pieces
  • Filtration of up to 95% of extra fine particles and droplets

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When properly placed over you nose and mouth, our non-woven masks block up to 100% of droplets and up to 95% of bacteria, germs, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, smoke and other harm causing microscopic material while still being more comfortable when breathing. One size fits most.

Please follow all CDC, Federal, State and Local guidelines.

Extra layers of protection

  • Protection: Non-Woven masks block up to 100% of droplets and up to 95% of extra fine particles
  • Material: Soft cotton mesh for excellent breathability and extra comfort.
  • Size: Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes.

Because some people may not present symptoms of covid-19, it is recommended that all people should wear masks as a preventative method, specially around high-risk persons, children and when running emergency errands outside of the safety of your home. Our masks offer extremely good preventative measures for the current Covid-19 pandemic.

These masks are meant for civilian use.

At the moment CDC states that non-medical masks should be worn by medical professionals and people who are sick only when no other personal protective equipment is available.We suggest you closely follow the latest recommendations from public health officials and CDC to make an informed decision about the use of these masks.