Having a backdrop at an event has become the norm and major focal point of your service. They round up your event setup and create the mood for every guest at the event. A good quality backdrop from is a sure way to offer your event clients exactly what they are looking for.


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Showing 1–12 of 67 results


There are plenitude of styles seasoned professionals and do-it-yourselfers use to add more style to their event venue, yet none produces an impact as dramatic as backdrops and pipe and drape fabrics. From suspending beautiful silk fabric panels from ceilings to elaborating walls or designing dramatic entrances, drapes and backdrops make a perfect finishing touch for any wedding event, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, fundraising festivals, and commercial promotions and events. Hang multiple panels side by side for a flawless look, or use in a doorway or window to take any room from ordinary to extraordinary!

You can also use’s amazing collection of pillowcase backdrops and other cool background innovations on for stages that will draw the eyes for a big impact, If you’re looking to illuminate your MC or live band. Our multiple backdrop and display systems indeed create a beautiful, refined and memorable trade show booth as well! is also an innovator in specialty enclosures like our famous Photo Booth Vogue and 360 Spinner Enclosures.

You are at the place to go for top quality products all while maintaining our promise to keep affordable pricing.

We offer a wide range of related products including Pipe and Drape Stands and Fabric Drapes, Tension Fabric or Pillowcase Backdrops. Plus, we add high-end luxurious fabrics like sequin, rosette, leaf and circle petal backdrops to give you and your clients even more options.