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Users to Market for You

How to Get Social Media Users to Do Photo Booth Marketing for You

People absolutely love posting silly or fun pictures of themselves on social media. If those pictures happen to be ones taken at your photo booth, then uploaders can help you broadcast your company name and encourage others to book your services.

Effectively, they are doing a lot of your own marketing for you. And since the photos were the product of a paying gig, it’s better than getting your marketing done for free!

The only challenge is setting up easy social media sharing and making your company name prominent so that others can look you up. Consider the following tips to ensure that people can proudly post their photos online and to successfully make them a part of your photo booth marketing strategy.

Make Your Branding Prominent

The basic idea of marketing through other people’s content is that the photos they wanted to post or share anyways happen to have your brand featured prominently on them. How can you make this happen? Here are a couple ways:

  • Include your company name in the backdrop wrap or templates
  • Have your photo booth software automatically apply a watermark to each photo
  • Automate social media uploads that include a hashtag for the event and a link to your company page
  • Put your name directly on photo booth props that are likely to be chosen, like signs or a “Polaroid” style giant photo frame

When your branding is noticeable, friends and family of the person who shared their picture will see your company name front and center. If they want to have an entertaining photo booth at their own event, then they may consider your company since each photo is a proof of your great results.

How to Make Social Media Sharing Easy for Attendees

There are several ways to allow attendees to easily share their photos with their social media friends. Here are just some of the options:

  • Make a unique Dropbox or Google Photo folder for every event and give people the option to download pictures manually
    • You’ll Need: A program like Social Booth from Photo Booth Solutions, Wappwolf to automate uploads, so every person can get their photos in real-time; an automated watermarking filter applied before uploading
    • Pros: Simple and cheap; many apps and storage services have free tiers you can use
    • Cons: People have to manually download each photo, making the process clunky
  • Upload the photos onto your own Facebook account, and require each person to tag themselves
    • You’ll Need: An app like Sparkbooth or Mashbooth to automate uploads, or you can upload the photos after the event
    • Pros: Extremely easy to set up, especially if you manually upload the files; encourages direct visits to your company page; each photo can have the desired hashtags and links
    • Cons: Not as seamless as allowing users to upload photos themselves, nor as personal; cost of apps
  • Create a photo sharing station using a tablet or kiosk
    • You’ll Need: A tablet or some other computer station for people to interact with; software like Photo Booth Connected from Photo Booth Solutions, Sparkbooth or Mashbooth installed to make posting photos on social walls easy, or a self-built station using a Raspberry Pi
    • Pros: People feel ownership of their photos and stronger urge to share and post in real time; photos show up on their preferred platform to all their followers, increasing exposures; can capture emails for mailing list; people can decide whether or not to share
    • Cons: Cost of tablet hardware and software; extra interactions can create a second line, make photo booth area crowded

Using Great Photo Booth Props to Make Photo Booth Marketing Even Stickier

People feel more motivated to share photos that have wacky or hilarious props, so ensure that you can get the best marketing reach possible by ordering high quality photo booth props and signs that can get people lining up for your photo booth and laughing the whole shoot.

With the right props, the right branding and an easy way for people to share and tag photos of themselves online, you can earn customers with minimal effort and watch the appointments roll in!

Now you know… Win at photo booth marketing with social media by following these tips for making your brand prominent and getting people to share your work online.

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