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About us

Innovation, Quality and Affordability, with you as our focus and inspiration.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2011​

Back then, we ran a successful business marketing agency servicing businesses and corporate clients. Our main focus was restaurants, corporate stores, banks… but it all was too impersonal for us. We wanted to assist regular folks through more social interaction with the public. We followed by seeking a more hands-on approach, specially with the public. So we did. By accident or not, we began documenting promotions for our clients to use on social clients. Photography was a our choice. To memorialize our clients relationship with their clients.

One thing led to another

Our journey brought excitement

We looked for more. We wanted more fun. And we loved how much fun and exciting people seemed losing their shyness and inhibitions when in front of a photo booth. More so than with an actual photographer. A photo booth removed the tension. No one was there to observe them behind the lens of camera. 

It was perfect! and still is. 

Simplicity in design and form

We’re just getting started

Throughout our path, we looked for simplicity yet to maintain a beautiful and relevant image. We looked and looked, but didn’t find what we were looking for. So we set out to doing ourselves and was born. 

From clean easy to use, maintain and transport props to backdrops, to kiosks and so on. A new business was born, still maintaining our desire to grow together with our clients, to become friends and to always look for their growth through quality products that offered solutions to make business better, easier and more affordable. 


We develop & design quality products & sell only what we would use ourselves​

Photo Booth Props

Designed with Pasion
We look for simplicity yet fun. PVC Photo Booth props are colorful, the perfect size, convenient for storing & transporting & guests love them!
Give us a try. Get them in your clients hands & see their reaction.

Photo Backdrops

Quality is a Must offers a wide range of photo booth and photo backdrops. We focus on quality, impact and ease of use. From Pillowcase backdrop to traditional backdrop fabrics, you will find the one your client needs.

Photo Enclosures

Making an Impact
Making an impact wherever you go is a must for any business. Photo booth business is no different. As with all our products, our photo booth and photo stations are created with that in mind, to get more business and WOW clients.

Photo Booth Supplies

Practical Innovation
When providing quality work and, as bonus, doing it without breaking a sweat, you and your employees will be excited about your the next activation. That is what we offer. Innovative products that make your life easier!
I’m so happy with the service from– my order was delivered within 48 hours and the thought and care they put into their products really stands out. Plus, their support is just awesome!
Client Testimonial PropTrunk
Sean Walsh
Los Angeles, CA
Client for life. Guillo from went above and beyond for me. I reached out stressed about a short notice event. not only did he calmed me down, he guided me through finding what I needed, but I received my tracking number within 15 minutes & he even stopped everything to get my order to the carrier himself. The same day!
Client Testimonial PropTrunk 2
Astrid Sorensen
New York, NY