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10 Best Apps for Photo Booth Owners

Market Better With These 10 Best Apps for Photo Booth Owners

Owning a photo booth typically means being a one-person army, but you can make managing everything easier with the use of helpful apps for photo booth owners. With the right apps installed on your phone, you can automate repetitive marketing tasks, keep tabs on all your clients, monitor online engagement and manage your business right from the palm of your hand.

To make life easier and make your business more streamlined, consider downloading some of the following 10 photo booth owner apps.


MailChimp lets you set up email marketing automation simply and easily while improving the formatting of your emails. It also lets you track metrics like open rates and conversions, which are indispensable for learning how to optimize the way you reach out to customers through email.

Another invaluable feature of MailChimp is that it can create landing pages and sign-up forms that connect to your other channels, including Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. With this feature, you can generate more email signups and stay connected to your leads and clients.

MailChimp is free for small business users sending up to 12,000 emails a month to 2,000 or fewer subscribers. If you want to grow beyond that, it’s $9.99 a month for additional features. And, if you use our referral link, we’ll both receive a $30 dollar credit!

MailChimp Snap

MailChimp Snap provides a streamlined email creation tool where you can snap a photo, convert it into an email and quickly send it out to your subscriber list. The app is perfect for photography business owners who like to communicate through visuals rather than words. It also can quickly turn Instagram posts into emails.


Trello packs a whole lot of features into a well-organized bundle that gives you an instant top-down view of current projects and your upcoming to-dos. Not every small business owner needs Trello, which was designed for software development teams, but if you aim to replace phone reminders and sticky notes with a more organized system, then Trello is perfect.

With Trello, you can set reminders for tasks, create project schedules and collaborate readily with others. If your photo booth is just one side hustle among many, Trello’s collaboration and task organization tools make keeping tabs on partners and clients so much easier.

The free version of Trello has a surprising amount of features, including one integration with your Google Drive or Dropbox. Adding on features and integrations bumps you up to a monthly subscription around $10.

Google Calendar

Chances are good that you already have Google Calendar on your phone, and if you don’t, then we hope you’ve replaced it with another scheduling app! Google Calendar is particularly appealing because it is free and integrates with your existing GMail account.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager is free and gives you more granular insights into your social media performance than the Facebook app can alone. The app also gives people a direct line to your through messaging push notifications.

If you want even more control over your social media accounts or you want to be able to manage several accounts at once, you can try BufferApp or HootSuite.


You don’t need to run back home to your desktop to turn photos into actionable social media posts or ads. Canva lets you quickly edit images, add text, create animated GIFs, add overlays, turn photos into a collage and more. When you’re done with your creation, you can upload it directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Google My Business

Since search engine listings are a prime way to generate business, managing your Google My Business presence is key. This app lets you monitor stats, read new reviews and manage other aspects of your account from your phone.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords campaigns are an effective way to generate business, but each campaign should be monitored carefully. Regular monitoring is particularly important when you are starting out or are experimenting with new campaign ideas, both of which can run away with your entire budget if you aren’t watching them closely.

With the AdWords app on your phone, you can monitor campaigns, manage your budget and make changes on-the-fly as needed.


Wappwolf isn’t an app, but rather an older style web service that automatically uploads photos from Dropboxes, and Google Drive accounts to services like Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. While its interface is clunkier than other apps, it’s free, powerful and incredibly useful.

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Get the Best Photo Booth Props to Raise Your Appeal, Market Better and Book More Customers

As we covered in our last section of the guide, photo booth props, backdrops and other accessories are critical to your success as a business owner. The more appealing of props you have, the more people will want to participate in your booth, resulting in more engaging photos for marketing materials. In turn, people will pay more attention to your digital marketing channels and be more likely to book your services.

Improve your business, make customers happy and generate bigger returns from every marketing channel when you invest in fun, hilarious and high-quality photo booth props for your business.

Good luck, thanks again for reading, and stay posted for even more valuable information on photo booth marketing ahead!