What can I expect?

We are a small family owned business. When we started our photo booth business over 7 years ago, we quickly found out that there had to be a better and more cost effective way to have long lasting props instead of the traditional hats and boas! We started PropTrunk.com understanding that there was a need for quality and affordable props.  Having been in the print industry some years back, we knew PVC props were the way to go. The options are endless and the designs can only be limited by our creativity. You can expect quality, great prices and true compromise to satisfy your needs. Our family wants to prosper by helping you and your family prosper. We maintain most of our items in stock and ready to go. We usually ship the very next day. On some occasions, specially when there’s an active super sales or promotion, some delays should be expected as we try to keep up with demand. If this is the case, please contact us and we will gladly offer you an estimated shipping date. Rest assured, your order is extremely important to us and we work diligently in the order they are received.

How can I contact someone at PropTrunk.com?

We have many ways for you to contact us. Many clients contact us through our Facebook group “The Photo Booth Hook Up“. We also have a Facebook page though we do not accept private messages through it as we like to maintain an organized communication channel with you. Our preferred method is via the LIVE chat located on our site. If we are not online at the moment, please leave a message. We are probably dispatching orders in our warehouse with limited access to email. Rest assured, your message will be answered promptly during regular business hours (and many times after hours). We are located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and usually schedule 2 times during the day (morning & afternoon) to reply to all inquiries.

Do you send tracking information?

Yes. Most orders are automatically updated once a tracking number is generated. Your account will be updated with this tracking number and you should also receive an email message with the updated status. If your order shows a “Processing” status, it is being worked on and will ship out and be updated soon.

What makes PropTrunk products the best?

We have taken many details into consideration when creating our props and selecting our product offer. Clients send in many compliments about our designs but we also care much about the versatility and durability of all our products. If we don’t find them useful for our own Photo Booth business, it will not be offered through PropTrunk.com.

Props are as thick as 5 credit cards, which is more than durable for the most demanding photo booth owners. We actually have props on our own collection that we fabricated over 2 years ago! Our production process is also very effective, printing directly to the PVC material. This makes the images on our props POP OUT, very durable and colorful. It also allows for a reduced glare finished. Design is also very important. All our props have rounded edges to prevent on site accidents and are very easy to store and transport.

Our backdrops are second to none. We have secured top suppliers for our fabrics and our pole pockets provide extreme durability.

Do you offer returns?

All of our items have been tried and tested and we are confident you will love them. Non the less, we offer a money back guarantee if your items are broken upon arrival. Please inspect your items immediately and report any damage to us within 2 business days of receiving them. Send us an email message to admin at proptrunk.com with your request. Please be sure to include photos of the package and broken items.

When will I receive my order?

Most of our products are in stock and ship the very next business day. We also have direct access to top production equipment and maintain an in-house seamstress. This means that when we run out of stock of a item, specific design or collection, we can quickly re-produce them in no time. Most of our backdrops are also produced in-house. A local supplier provides the fabric, then we put it together and are usually shipped within 5 days or earlier. Please do expect some delays during major promotional sales as we get very very busy. Rest assured, we want you to have your ordered items as soon as possible. If you need your items for a specific event or date, it is advisable that you contact us prior to purchasing. You may do so by clicking the message / chat button above.

Why use PropTrunk.com PVC props?

That’s an easy one! Our props are the most convenient, durable and hygienic props you can invest in. You can fit hundreds of them where you could only fit dozens of the traditional props. They are very convenient to store and transport and are almost indestructible. We also use them as a selling point in our own photo booth business. We always let our clients know that: “Our props are the most hygienic props in the market. We wipe them clean with disinfectant wipes after every event and will never have little crippy crawling things on them.” Trust us, we get 95 % of those inquiries as actual business. You cant do that with traditional wigs and hats.


PropTrunk.com started offering high quality photo booth props and photography props for any type of events during the fall of 2014. It has since expanded its product offering to high quality photography or photo booth backdrops in various styles, colors and sizes, high quality backdrop stands, roll up signage and much more. Our mission is simple, to provide you with the best possible products, featuring the best designs in the industry at the most reasonable prices.

All our products are created and offered with the business operator in mind, while also maintaining an appeal to the end consumer, guests or event organizers. We also run a photo booth business and use all PropTrunk.com products. Over the past 8 years, we have learned most of what works and what doesn’t in an event environment. Our props are created with attractive designs and personable phrases to cater to most event themes and occasions. They are light weight, easy to store and transport, virtually unbreakable and highly hygienic.

¿Will the Props Break?

Almost everything in this earthly world can certainly break, but Prop Trunk props surely are some very tough props.

Our props are manufactured right here in the USA from either 1/8″ or 1/4″ PVC (larger ones) plastic and are virtually unbreakable under normal use. We know, we’ve tried breaking them! Check the video and see for yourself. These props are possibly the last you’ll ever need to buy!

We behaved like kids for a couple of minutes trying to break them, and couldn’t even scratch them! They are very durable, hygienic, lightweight and easy to store and transport; the perfect combination for a busy Photo Booth company.


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