PropTrunk.com started offering high quality photo booth props and photography props for any type of events during the fall of 2014. It has since expanded its product offering to high quality photography or photo booth backdrops in various styles, colors and sizes, high quality backdrop stands, roll up signage and much more. Our mission is simple, to provide you with the best possible products, featuring the best designs in the industry at the most reasonable prices.

All our products are created and offered with the business operator in mind, while also maintaining an appeal to the end consumer, guests or event organizers. We also run a photo booth business and use all PropTrunk.com products. Over the past 8 years, we have learned most of what works and what doesn’t in an event environment. Our props are created with attractive designs and personable phrases to cater to most event themes and occasions. They are light weight, easy to store and transport, virtually unbreakable and highly hygienic.

¿Will the Props Break?

Almost everything in this earthly world can certainly break, but Prop Trunk props surely are some very tough props.

Our props are manufactured right here in the USA from either 1/8″ or 1/4″ PVC (larger ones) plastic and are virtually unbreakable under normal use. We know, we’ve tried breaking them! Check the video and see for yourself. These props are possibly the last you’ll ever need to buy!

We behaved like kids for a couple of minutes trying to break them, and couldn’t even scratch them! They are very durable, hygienic, lightweight and easy to store and transport; the perfect combination for a busy Photo Booth company.


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